Hi! Welcome and Thank you for popping by! 

I am Abu Shumon, born and raised up in a beautiful country named Bangladesh.I have done my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering, and Masters in Information Technology. A Software Developer by profession, current expertise lies mainly in the back-end with technologies such as Nodejs, MongoDB, Docker but moving towards full-stack. Please hover over employment tab for details of the work history.

I am keen to learn and explore new technologies. These are my area of interest I would like to explore time to time: Machine Learning, Cryptography, Docker, Microservice, Kubernetes, Cloud service. Also sometimes I try to solve problems in Leetcode

Physically I am an average built with height of approximately 1.81 meters (71 inch). I love sports. I am a big fan of Cricket. Weather allows to play cricket here in Finland only in the summertime though. Usually I play Badminton (finnish name: sulkapallo) in my spare time and during the weekend. I support Manchester United as a football club. I like to play Bowling and billiards as well. Once upon a time 8-ball pool was an addiction both in real and in computer but now i don’t play that often.

Random facts about me!

  • I read loads of random online blogs and articles.
  • Favorite TV shows – Advertise!
  • Favorite food –
    • Traditional sylhety food my mum cooks.
    • East London’s Donar Kebab! I just love it.
  • SYLHET is the best city in the world! Second is many…